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The heart of Athens

This tour is based on historic Athens city center routes.
You will have a 2 to 3 hour walking tour around historical monuments and local landmarks.
Athens city center all at once. Experience the whole cultural variety in one walking tour!
At URBAN Free Tours, we want to show you the Heart of Athens like never before that's why the sky's the limit in terms of creating your next walking tour itinerary.

Every Day
2 to 3 hour Free walking tour through the most beautiful spots in Athens.
Departing from a Central position, we will pass by lots of important Athenian landmarks.
It's free to take and you get to decide what, if anything, the tour was worth when it's done.

Why choose this tour?
Good reasons to go
Our Heart of Athens tour will give you an ample perspective, provide consistency and an opportunity to do some treasure hunting!
New perspective
Never been in Athens and want to experience it all at once? Or maybe you have been to a few cities, but never been part of the local culture? If you're interested in exploration and like treasure hunting on foot, this is a perfect walking tour for you.

The Heart of Athens will enable you to experience the city on the route, and our guides will make sure you're getting the most of it.
On the way, expect truly exciting city areas and monuments, landmark visits and shopping opportunities so you won't be bored.

Of course, If you're planning to spend the rest of the day wandering by yourself or with friends. The crew will be happy to help you build a new route.
Treasure hunting
Who doesn't like a good souvenir? the refreshment of a good beverage? or a taste on some of the yummiest Greek delicacies?

We know everything about flea markets, food and coffee places on our walking tour, and we certainly will provide you an opportunity to dive in.

For those looking to update their wardrobe, we'd recommend some vintage shops. Athens is full of discoveries, and whatever your tastes are, you will find something special to treat your loved ones.
Walking tour advises
Lightweight luggage with a lock
Water bottle (especially on summer months)
Sport shoes
Heavy Luggage
Flip Flops
Opinions about our team...

Definitely a must-do at the beginning of any trip to Athens! Had the tour with Vasilis and it was really entertaining. An amusing history lesson, presenting the main historical places of the city plus any number of useful general places (such as restaurants, nightlife, etc.) all seasoned with a cultural introduction to Greece. That guy's the best!
What an amazing way to discover the history of Athens. Our tour guide Jimmy was fantastic. He was extremely friendly and polite and made us feel so welcome. His knowledge of Athens history blew us away and it was so interesting to hear some of the wonderful facts he shared with us all. The kids absolutely loved him too. No better way to drench yourself in Athens history! He even joined us for a nice cold drink afterwards. A must on your to do list whilst visiting Athens!
'Another highlight of our holiday!'
It was a really great tour with Jimmy and we learnt so much about Greek culture and history, everything in friendly and nice atmosphere. I really recommend it.
For my first contact with the city of Athens, I decided to take a free tour and it was a good and... lucky decision! Lucky because I was the only guest on that December day and Good because the tour guide, Vasilis, was excellent. Vasilis is fluent in English, knowledgeable, well prepared and always cheerful. He gave me information on the history of ancient Greek as well as nowadays Greek society. Fun facts were also included to make his speeches more entertaining. Moreover, all along our walk, Vasilis gave me some solid recommendations for food and places to visit.
I did enjoy the tour from the first minute to the very end. Highly recommended!
"Informative and Entertaining!"
This Free walking tour with our tour guide Jimmy was an amazing experience. We saw all the highlights of Athens and heard some interesting stories about the background of these monuments. We really enjoyed his funny way of telling us about the historical events that took place in this city and especially all the mythology about the Greek gods. He also gave us some great insider tips on where to taste some the best Greek delicacies!
We would definitely recommend this tour on one of the first days of your Athens city trip to get an overview of all the sights.
'Great tour to explore the Heart of Athens'
I would like to recommend this tour for everybody who is interested in history and culture of Greece. Vasilis, possibly the best guide I ever met.. with deep knowledge of the themes and a lot of hints and tips about places to go. Super tour!
'Impressive tour!'
We really LOVE promoting the special beauties of our city! Our knowledgeable and experienced team are planning every detail of your upcoming tour, so all that's left for you is to enjoy it.
Total price: Free!
A tip based tour is a tour for anyone's budget.
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Few words for our team..

Meeting Vasilis K.
Vasilis is a walking tour guide with over five years of experience and loves to watch and play basketball. As a local Athenian and a 100% Greek he possesses vast knowledge about city landmarks, modern hot-spots and history which makes his walking tour fun for people of any cultural background.

This guide is not only about the walk: You can address Vasilis with any concerns and questions you might have and he will make sure that you're getting the most out of your trip.

Meeting Jimmy M.
Jimmy is a Greek-Australian who has lived half his life in Australia and the other half here in Greece.He has a eight year experience as a tour operator and is very passionate about explaining and promoting all the aspects of Athenian/Greek culture.

Highly energetic and a passionate rugby coach and player also known for his huge love on good food and wine, he will show you the city of Athens as a local and you'll feel like you are simply out for a city walk with a friend.

P.S. As a proud Greek his goal is to make you a philhellene by the end of the tour !!!

or ask us anything!

*Please Read Carefully: We offer only one morning tour starting everyday at 9:45 a.m. from a very central city location!
The tour is currently offered in English.

We aim to keep our groups relatively small (up to 20 persons per guide) to guarantee a top quality and comfortable experience.
Our friends from around the world!
If you are interested to connect with us, please feel free to write.

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